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Hey Real Feel Friends and Fans, 

We have a last minute show that will take place TONIGHT Saturday, Septmber 15th at TRIUMPH BREWERY in Philly! It's been awhile since we have played there, but if you like micro brews you'll be in your happy place...

If you haven't done so yet, check out the Get Up! EP RIGHT HERE! You can name your own price for the album, so pick a high one. Thanks!

- The Real Feel

Call it a comeback?

It's not like we really went anywhere, but we're back! Brand new website, new logo, studio pics and some new music to come. We are polishing up and putting some finishing touches and pretty little bows on our first three studio tracks in over two years! The new releases are, in no particular order... "Get Up!", "For You" and "Don't Cry Wolf." 

So we promised you new material a couple of months ago, but we have been having too much fun playing with all of the old gear at Range Studios. The good news is, the finished product will be like nothing you have ever heard from the band. It will be available for you to enjoy and cherish and share with your friends soon. 

Stay tuned for New Show Dates, we're going to be back in the gig game this Spring. 



The Real Feel

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